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« Lions are snared using nets, men with flattery, » wrote Shakespeare.

What nets do you use to snare your customers? If you can’t come up with a clear-cut answer to this question, marketing automation is probably the instrument you need.

Provide your customers with a service using data.

Talel Abdessalem holder of the Big Data & Market Insights chair at Télécom ParisTech, reminds to L’Equation de la Confiance how many customers choose a company’s services because of its intelligent use of data. « In these economic models, the company does the customer a favour by building on what it knows about their behaviour. » By taking well-known examples, such as Amazon or Netflix, that customise services using data compiled from its visitors, Talel Abdessalem illustrates « how these services provide important added value for customers, and are becoming essential. » By using data collected on the sites to customise customer experiences, they are offered what suits them best, at the right time. Data analysis gives individual customers better service.

SMEs should take control of their data

From now on, each company, regardless of its size, is capable of collecting and exploiting its own data thanks to marketing automation instruments. The mass of data collected fits the scale of the company. Whilst massive for a multinational, it will be lighter for an SME, although always enough to feed marketing decisions. In turn, SMEs must take control of their data to increase their conversion, and improve their visitors’ experience.

Data to help your customers

From now on, SMEs can collect and exploit their data to increase their conversion turning visitors into leads, and leads into customers. But above all, they can help out their prospects or their customers by exploiting their data.

A few illustrations.

Contextualising forms.

Thanks to accurate knowledge of visitor routes, their scoring and their commitment, it is possible to submit the forms enriching the information on each profile over several visits. Contextualised forms can also present information to match their interests. Displaying relevant and adapted elements for each visitor profile improves their experience.

Contextualising pages.

Collecting data on visitors can also help to present different pages depending on visitor profiles, making browsing easier. Product recommendations matching their expectations or specific deals can be displayed for each individual customer. Setting up this one-to-one relationship enriches the service provided for customers.

Customising emails

Thanks to the data collected, the email sequences follow the commitment of the prospects or customers. A third visit to a site segment can trigger an email being sent to offer a discount on a product range for example. The email content adapts to visitor profiles, their centre of interest and their expectations.

Collecting your data to increase your conversion is useful.
Collecting your data to enrich the service provided to your customers is undoubtedly essential.

Make the most of it. It’s all possible from now on, for everyone!

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